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Work Smart not Hard

System - Friday, August 3, 2012

When planning any project you should take a few moments to really plan it through, consider all your options and organize all the steps that need to be taken before the project begins.

Begin with deciding the details of your project and thoroughly discussing these details with any and all parties who will be involved in your project.  Once everyone is in agreement of these details you can begin deciding how to accomplish your end goal.  What steps should be taken and who should take them.  It is important that all those involved in your project know and understand every step that needs to be taken and what the anticipated end result will be. You should start off setting your baseline performance measures such as the scope of the project, the schedule and the cost.  When setting your baselines, be sure that you are being reasonable.  Do not assume a project can be completed in a week just to find it takes months.  Inquire from professionals, or research on your own what the cost and timeline will be for your project.  If you are under time constraints or financial constraints adjust the scope of the project accordingly.  Assign a person or persons to manage each baseline item.  Have them include what should be done if variances occur to the baseline item.  Each baseline plan should include:  risk management, quality, procurement, staffing and communication. Next Define the roles of all involved in the project.  Who will take the lead role of this project?  Assign someone to be responsible for tracking and controlling the baseline throughout the project.  Who will be hired to complete the project?  Will you need to have aspects inspected after the project is complete? Lastly, will the end users be satisfied by the project? If you spend a good amount of time planning a project things will run much smoother, and there will be less unexpected expenses and variations.  Always keep your eyes on the baseline of your project and stay in control of any changes made after the project has begun.  A well planned project is a well accomplished project.