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Why your house may not be selling

System - Saturday, May 11, 2013
There may be several reasons your house isn't selling. Here are three common causes a property may be languishing on the market.
  1. Price. Remember, your property is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. No one wants to lose money on a property, but keep in mind the economic climate and if you need to sell, be prepared to price your home competitively. Your listing agent should have provided you with a list of comparables in the area to equip you with the knowledge to price your home realistically.
  2. Condition. Your home should be immaculate when potential buyers view it. The importance of a positive first impression cannot be stressed enough. Windows should be clean, floors polished or vacuumed and all clutter should be out of sight. A fresh coat of paint, minor repairs and welllit entryways go a long way. Neutralize your space with soft color, so it appeals to the masses, instead of a small group. If necessary, consult a professional stager to get your house in shape.
  3. Location. The one thing you can't change about your property is its location. This is another instance when your savvy real estate professional should discuss sales options with you. Stress the positives of the location, perhaps it is located near mass transit or the area is starting to turn around. Instead of selling your home in a neighborhood that is not ideal, consider renting it until the area improves.