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Ways to be green and save green in your new home

System - Monday, June 10, 2013
A home is a big purchase and every new homeowner knows that every dollar counts. Here are some simple ideas that are both kind to the environment and your wallet.
  1. Purchase a high efficiency shower head. This cuts down on both water consumption and energy costs.
  2.  Upgrading your appliances? Consider energyefficient appliances with the 'Energy Star' logo. According to the Energy Star site, Energy Starqualified appliances use 10%50% less energy and water than standard models. Remember to ask about discounts, especially when purchasing several appliances at once.
  3. Get with the program. Set your thermostat to accommodate the schedule of your home. Lower the heat during the day when no one is at home and at night when occupants are sleeping. Also, try to maintain a moderate temperature, instead of cranking the heat or air conditioning to drastically change the temperature.
  4. Utilize fans instead of air conditioning. Consider operating fans to circulate the summer air instead of opting for the more expensive and less environmentally friendly air conditioning.
  5. Insulate and seal the gaps. Hidden gaps and cracks within a home lead to an abundant loss of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the warmer months. Caulk any leaks around windows and doors, in attics and around fireplaces. Proper insulation installation or roof replacement may be necessary.
  6. Replace lights with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. The cost is more upfront, but the lights use less energy and last longer.