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Tips for planning your summer travel on a budget

System - Saturday, August 11, 2012
Plan that summer vacation without breaking the bank with these travel tips.
  1. Research. Compare hotel and flight prices, call and ask about any unlisted discounts.
  2. Be flexible. The most expensive days to fly are Mondays and Fridays. Plan your trip on the off days, and consider connecting flights instead of direct, or early flights.
  3. Brave the elements. Campgrounds are inexpensive and because you often cook your own food, it doubles your savings.
  4. Breakfast included. Make sure breakfast is included in the hotel rate.
  5. Eat in. Cook dinner or have a picnic. When you do eat out, lunch is less expensive than dinner and drink water instead of soft drinks or liquor.
  6. Use plastic. Avoid ATM fees by selecting cash back when making debit purchases.
  7. Save at the pump. Utilize phone apps that list gas prices in the area.
  8. Matinees. Hit up the movies during the day for cheaper admission.
  9. Museums and parks. Often museums offer free admission.
  10. Coupons. Scan the Internet for discounts on attractions in and around your destination.
Katherine Bankuti