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Perk up your porch for less

System - Monday, June 10, 2013
The first image one has of a home is the entryway. Guests should be greeted with an inviting space. Here are some inexpensive ideas to brighten up your porch to make it enticing for prospective buyers. Color. If you don't want to invest in a new front door, simply paint the one you have. Color is an instant way to add a new element to your facade. If you like the natural look of your wooden front door, consider restaining it to look like new. Also, hardware, such as knobs and doorknockers can be easily swapped out and upgraded for a new look.
  1. Lights. Lighting is a great way to add interest and safety to the entrance of your home. If the expense of an electrician to install outdoor lights is out of the question, consider adding lanterns or flameless candles on either side of the door or steps. This will light the entry and create an inviting space.
  2. Plants. Consider adding potted plants to the front porch. Choose plants or flowers according to the season, consider colorful tulips in the spring or mums in the fall.
  3. Digits. The options for house numbers are seemingly boundless. Every size, material and style is available and prices range from inexpensive to astronomical. Select numbers that fit your budget and design. The numbers can go on the home itself or between the steps. However, they should be visible from the front of the home.
  4. Welcome. The entrance should be well lit and safe. A welcome mat or small outdoor rug may prevent slips, in addition to catching any dirt before entering the home.