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Family checklist to survive a power outage

System - Tuesday, December 4, 2012
You never know when you may lose power in your neighborhood or region. Though these events are often unpredictable, you and your family can be prepared. See the list below for suggestions on what to have on hand for the next power outage. Every household should have a first aid kit and every member of your home should know where it is.
  1. Store enough fresh bottled water for each person to have one gallon of drinking water per day for three days.
  2. Store canned goods and nonperishable items that can feed your family for a minimum of three days. Don't forget a manual can opener.
  3. Flashlights and an ample surplus of batteries should also be stored.
  4. A battery powered or crank radio may be essential for information.
  5. Store an extra refill of any necessary medication inside the first aid kit.
  6. Matches or a lighter may be helpful if you need to start a fire.
  7. Mylar blankets don't take up much room but are literally lifesavers.
  8. Battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be utilized after the power goes out.
  9. Extra cash, important phone numbers and documents should also be stored in a safe and accessible place.