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Burning Issues: high-end fireplaces, pellet stoves and outdoor hearths

System - Friday, August 24, 2012
Whether you live in a chic modern residence or a rustic mountain retreat, a fireplace can truly make a statement. And the options are nearly limitless, from the fuel to the materials. Dan Cusack, President of Cusack Builders, Inc. and a New Jersey State Registered Home Builder, specializes in building custom homes. In his view, the sky is the limit when it comes to fireplaces. Dan advises, “The only right way to do a fireplace is to have a professional stonemason design it. Fireplaces have become functional works of art, resulting from a collaboration between the stonemason and the homeowner to reflect the owner’s personal taste and style.” Once designed, material choices range from natural, hand-chiseled stone, to a timber wood slab that may need to be carved to the proper angles. Often, especially in outdoor spaces, material native to the area, such as local stone or wood, are popular. Whether placed inside or out, fireplaces should compliment the property and structure. Pellet stoves, most popular in the Pacific Northwest and upper Midwest, can be purchased from authorized dealers and have a range of fuel options such as grain or wood. The trim ranges from antique copper to stainless steel. Important to note however, is that pellet stoves do need frequent monitoring to sustain the fuel source. Whether you're looking for a grand statement, a cozy accent or strictly a reliable heat alternative, the possibilities are luxuriously infinite!